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Q: How do I connect my modem/router?

A: 1. Plug in the power cable for the wireless router into the power outlet and router. Locate the green cable and plug it into the RJ45 Jack port in the wall and then into the POE port on the POE. Then, plug the blue cable into the POE LAN port and then into your router’s blue WAN port. (See graphic for setup).

2. Wait at least 30 to 60 seconds, and make sure the lights on your router are working correctly.

Q: How do I connect to the WiFi?

A: The process for connecting to a WiFi network will vary slightly depending on what type of computer or device you’re using, but any system will require these basic steps:

1. Locate your computer’s network settings, and search for nearby WiFi networks.

2. Select your network (SSID), and enter your password. Your network (SSID) and password information is located on a label on the back of your wireless modem/router that was installed. Passwords are case sensitive.

3. If the connection is successful, open your web browser and try navigating to a webpage like www.google.com. If the page loads, it means your WiFi connection is working correctly.

Q: Why is the tribe building this network and offering this service?

A: The tribe believes that high speed Internet is a necessary utility that all members living on the Reservation should have access to.  Particularly, during pandemic times it is imperative that children can conduct school online and those that need to work remotely are able to do so.

Q: Is this 5G service and should I be worried about health of safety?

A: The wireless service we install operates on 5Ghz frequency which is a commonly used for fixed wireless internet around the country. This 5Ghz frequency should not be confused with 5G technology which some cellular providers are beginning to use in their networks.

Q:  How much do I need to pay for this service.

A: This service will be FREE to you until further notice. The Pascau Yaqui Tribe is committed in offering this service free of charge to their Tribal members for as long as possible.  You will be given 60 days’ notice of any charges in the future and be given time to OPT OUT at that time before any charges are billed.

Q: How do I schedule an installation?

A: First, your residence must be in the PYT Networks service coverage area. Click here to verify. If your residence is located in the service coverage area, go to https://pytnetworks.com/signup or call (833) 364-0593 to signup for service and schedule an installation.

Q: How long will it take?  Do I need to be there while it’s installed?

A: Outside and inside should take two (2) hours at the maximum.  Yes you, or another authorized adult, will need to be there.

Q: What if I already have Internet service?

A: Once your new FREE service is turned on you may want to cancel your other service.

Q: What if I move after the service is installed?

A: You should leave the equipment on the outside and in the inside of your house.

Q: What if either the outside antenna or inside wi-fi router is damaged or lost?

A: You are responsible for loss or damage that is not caused by weather.  Replacement cost is $250.00 for the outside antenna and $100.00 for the Wi-Fi router.